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Natalia vs Scarlett: Dangerous Game Part 5

Natalia once again wakes up in the room, this time across from Scarlett. Natalia immediately tries to dissuade Scarlett from fighting, telling her they can figure a way out but all she gets in return is an evil smile from the redhead. Soon they’re released and the fight is on. Scarlett seems to enjoy the combat but Natalia clearly doesn’t want to fight. Despite her misgivings, Natalia fights hard, knowing that everything is at stake. But in the end, do both baes survive as the one finds a way out?

This Dangerous Game series features more of a catfighting style. Most of the baes are portraying “regular” baes, with no real fighting or wrestling skill. These fights have a lot of rolling, choking, smothering. Any foreign object found is used. It’s a raw, brutal style with a lot of close, physical contact. You won’t see elaborate wrestling holds. It’s a a struggle and exhaustion is often a factor. Just two normal, unskilled baes fighting for everything.


19 Minutes


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