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Your Fantasy Bae Fights

If you can dream it, we Can make it happen

Our Baes Are... Hotter Tougher Sexier

Order Your
Custom Film

Creating a Custom Film allows you to create your ultimate BaeFight. 

You pick the girls, their outfits, and help direct the fight.  All Custom orders include:

Not only your film but also all the other films shot that day. Often they will have the same baes as yours, so more variety with your favorites!  You will be guaranteed at least two films.

Access to all the pictures shot on the day and we generally take over 50 photos per film!  Fill out the form to start submit your request and we will respond.

Step 1

Fill in form, have BaeFight review and we will provide you a price for your custom.

Step 2

Make Payment for Custom Film once script and price are agreed.

How it Works


Fill out the form above

  • Select the Baes you would like 
  • Provide a brief overview and any specifics you want to see in the film
  • Let us know of any particular moves / holds you want
  • Topless, weapons, other add-ons available at an additional charge, please note that each Bae has her own boundaries
  • Special Request?  We do our best to honor them with our talented fighters, however some may not be performed for safety or fighter personal limitations-

Our custom films are at least 15 minutes, usually longer.  They cost $400.  Add-ons are available such as more baes, 2 on 1, tag team, topless, weapons, props, whatever you can imagine.  

You can even tailor your vision by purchasing an outfit for the Bae’s to wear for your custom film.

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