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Paris vs Rose: Third Time


The first time the black beauty Paris fought the fitness model Rose it was one of the most shocking matches in the history of BaeFight. Everyone assumed Paris would have no trouble with the smaller, inexperienced Rose and she started out dominating. However Rose was able to reverse things and never looked back, shocking our most feared fighter.

Paris quickly called for a rematch, saying she simply underestimated the new Bae. Rose accepted and we made the match. But for some reason, Paris could not wait to get her revenge and jumped the fitness queen from behind and totally beat her down.

Despite being injured in the sneak attack, Rose demanded we keep their scheduled match on. And here it is! Paris is determined to finish the sexy, fit Rose forever and Rose is now the one out for revenge, calling Paris a coward and vowing to “take precautions.” Those precautions turned out to be “foreign objects.” These two really go at it and at the end, one of these bikini clad hotties cannot take any more punishment and is forced to surrender, a painful and humiliating ending to a spectacular fight.



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