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Paris vs Rose: In Her Head


This is the 4th time these two warriors have faced off, the previous one saw Rose get revenge for being jumped from behind by using weapons to destroy the bigger Paris. Strangely Paris did not demand a rematch but we ordered one and made sure there would be no foreign objects, just a clean, one on one fight.

Both baes wear small bikinis and are ready. Or is Paris? Some feel that her two loses to Rose have shattered her confidence. We were prepared for this to be an epic brawl but we got something entirely different. Rose totally dominates Paris with punches, kicks, and numerous wrestling holds. We could never have imagined Paris would ever be on this end of such a one sided beatdown. Not even Paris’ small top can withstand the barrage. Rose clearly serves notice that she is a force here at BaeFight but the bigger question is can Paris recover from this or are her days of being a dominate fighter over?



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