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Dalvina vs Violet Rose: Her Weakness

Two of our sexiest baes meet and Violet Rose tells Dalvina that she’s gonna kick her ass but Dalvina replies that she knows her weakness. The dark haired beauty scoffs, saying she doesn’t have a weakness but as Dalvina drills her with some stomach punches and then goes to work on her belly button, it’s clear that she does. Dalvina is in total control and knocks Violet Rose out a number of times and then plays with her helpless, limp body. Dalvina alternates from punching and choking to poking her belly button and overall just playing with the KO’d models body, face, and stomach. Of course Dalvina talks trash they way only she can and at the end makes the brunette say “My belly button is my weakness” over and over. It’s a rude, eye-opening experience for Violet Rose who now fears that all the baes will know about her belly button weakness.


21 Minutes


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