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Vika vs Violet Rose: I Don’t Want to Fight Her

They say most fights are won before they start. That’s certainly the case here. Blond model Vika is some 9 inches taller and 60 pounds heavier than brunette Violet Rose. But when Vika is shown a recent match of Violet Rose’ she’ scared. The brunette, though petit, is mean. Vika sees that and despite her huge size advantage, doesn’t want any part of the smaller bae. She tries to get out of the fight, but there is no way. When Violet Rose enters, Vika backs away, unable to fight properly, such is her mindset. The fight becomes a one way domination as Violet Rose, sensing Vita’s fear, simply tears her apart. Using everything in her arsenal, strikes, holds, and moves; she subjects the blond to them all, leaving her a sobbing mess on the floor. If you like smaller baes beating up bigger ones, you won’t want to miss this.


22 Minutes


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