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Honey vs Tyler Lynn: Don’t Talk to My Boyfriend

Previously Honey had hit on Tyler Lynn’s boyfriend in part to rile up the blond and in part to coax her into a catfight. The ploy worked as Tyler Lynn was so upset she wasn’t able to focus on the fight and was easily taken apart and dominated by Honey. Now the fashion model has cleared her head and is back to try again. For her part, Honey simply doesn’t like Tyler Lynn and her “better that everyone else” attitude and she’s happy to take her down another notch. They meet in the BaeFight Arena and this time it’s much more competitive as the blond is able to control her emotions. They attack each other with leg and arm holds, Boston Crabs, Camel Clutches, scissors, stomach claws, pins, and more. These tow are proud and fight hard to win but in the end, one must cry out her surrender.


18 Minutes


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