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Ama Rio vs Scarlett & Natalia: Come on Scarlett!

This amazing film begins with the beautiful Ama telling us about how she feels she owes Natalia some payback as the bikini model, according to Ama, fought too dirty. As Ama enters the arena, we see Scarlett and Natalia in the middle of a fight. Scarlett is in control and Ama settles on the couch, cheering for Scarlett. However soon, Natalia takes control of the smaller, sexy bae and dominates her. Ama is not pleased about that and finally cannot take it any longer and attacks Natalia from behind. Ama is thrilled to be hurting her but she is then attacked by Scarlett, who has recovered from her beating. To Ama’s horror, Scarlett and Natalia seem to team up to double up on the lovely brunette. From here it becomes a brutal 2 on one beatdown. The two are ruthless as they yank of her top and proceed to simply destroy the crying brunette.


19 Minutes


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