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Aaliyah vs Tylee vs Svetlana: 2 on 1 Revenge

When Aaliyah shows up for her match with Tylee she assumes she will have yet another easy time with the petite redhead. What the sexy brunette doesn’t realize is that Tylee is out for revenge and has enlisted our newest bae, Svetlana who also has a bone to pick with the vicious one. The Russian jumps Aaliyah from behind and the beatdown is on. The two are fully dressed and wearing heavy boots while poor Aaliyah has only a skimpy bikini to protect her. The two attackers are not satisfied in simply beating Aaliyah up, they also pull out various weapons. Their goal is to destroy Aaliyah. By the end, the bigger bae is handcuffed to the bannister and attacked with all sorts of objects. Finally she is left a crying mess on the floor.


25 Minutes


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