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Aaliyah vs Dalvina: Third Time’s a Charm

Bikini model Dalvina has had a rough introduction to BaeFight. Perhaps it’s not fair to start new baes with fights against the vicious Aaliyah. The bigger brunette was her usual self, dominating and hurting Dalvina twice. But our smallest bae doesn’t seem one to back down and says she can’t go home without getting her licks in so she challenges Aaliyah for a 3rd time. Aaliyah is way overconfident and Dalvina transforms into a whirlwind of a spitfire and simply overwhelms the much bigger bae. She’s a bundle of energy, not letting Aaliyah have a moment to recover, while talking trash the whole time. It’s a stunning domination that caught everyone at BaeFight off guard. Could the petit Dalvina become a force to be reckoned with?


17 Minutes


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