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Mia vs Vika: My Husband

Tall blond Vika has caught Mia sleeping with her husband. When she confronts the sexy model, Mia readily admits to it and insults Vika at the same time. Vika angrily yanks off Mia’s top, Mia responds and the fight is on! Wearing only jeans, the two beauties go at it with the bigger Vika taking control. She subjects Mia to many moves, clearly enjoying hurting the home wrecker. Unfortunately, the ease with which she is beating Mia goes to her head and Mia is able to turn the tables. Now it is the smaller bae’s turn to destroy her rival. She bends, stretches, just flat our hurts the blond model, all the while taunting her. Eventually she ties up the defeated blond, then calls her husband to come get her!


18 Minutes


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