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Zura vs Kody Evans: Where’s My Shoes?

Previously these two models had fought over a pair of shoes that Kody had accused Zura of stealing. Kody had beaten Zura up and taken the shoes. Now Zura has returned and she wants her shoes back. Wearing a sexy bikini and combat boots, she attacks the blond right away. Kody, also wearing boots and a short skirt, fights back. It’s a close, back and forth fight until one bae takes over and really uses her boots to hurt her foe as she kicks, stomps, and just stands on her. Eventually she yanks the boots off her injured opponent and shoves them into her face while continuing to beat her down, focusing a to on the bae’s bare feet. Once she’s asserted total dominance, she leaves, taking the other’s boots with her.


17 Minutes


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