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Viviane vs Nicole: My Body is a Weapon

It’s fitness model Nicole’s third time at BaeFight and she is getting more and more upset about the perceived lack of competition. She thinks just because she is super fit that she can come straight in and fight the best. While it’s true, she pretty much dominated Victoria and Natalia, she simply must fight whoever is in front of her. Here it’s sexy Viviane. The smaller bae gets the early advantage as she surprises Nicole. Viviane does some damage on Nicole’s back but then the stronger bae is able to overpower Viviane with a bearhug. Once in control, Nicole is angry about her back being targeted and decides to do the same. She relishes in Viviane’s painful screams and gloats as she writhes on the floor, arching her hurting back, and often kicks and stomps her. At the end, Viviane may need someone to look at her back while Nicole once again proves she is ready for a step up in competition.


20 Minutes


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