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Violet Rose vs Zura: Cheater

Our two newest baes decide to play a little game. They draw names and the winner gets to slap a submission move on the other. Things take a turn in the first one when Zura has Violet Rose struggling in a tight body scissor when she also slaps on a rear naked choke, KOing the brunette. When she wakes up, she’s upset but loses the draw again and has to endure another KO. Finally when she wins she roughly applies an iron claw followed by a brutal skull crusher that leaves Zura out, on the floor. From there, it’s curious as Violet Rose wins every draw and enjoys destroying the taller model. Finally, a weakened Zura checks the bowl and what do you know, her name is on EVERY slip of paper–she had no chance. Furious, she charges the cheater but will she get revenge or has she been to weakened and end up on the floor once again?


17 Minutes


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