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Violet Rose vs Kody: Give ’em to Me

Previously Violet Rose had beaten Kody and taken her beloved white Vans. Now the blond is back and she wants her shoes. Her anger ramps up when Violet Rose arrives with them, but they’re very dirty. The brunette teases her but Kody attacks, fighting for her shoes. An angry Kody, wearing anther pair of Vans, stands on Violet’s face and wastes no opportunity to put her feet on her as an act of defiance. Although Violet Rose is smaller, she is fit and it’s an even match. The brunette retaliates and shoves her shoes into Kody’s face. But this isn’t just about shoes. It’s a fight. Scissors, crotch stomps, belly punches, chokes, hair pulls, crabs, stomps, leg locks, humiliating school girl pins, even standing on hair. . . this has it all. Both sexy baes really want those shoes and fight hard to win until one is too injured, too exhausted and must surrender. The other taunting her as she leaves with the coveted Vans, but not before making her kiss her shoes.

20 Minutes


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