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Violet Rose vs Amber: The Cheerleader, Full Film

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Part 1 of our first Epic film. Longtime rivals finally fight it out. The sexy brunette Violet Rose is determined to end the blond Amber’s cheerleading career. Right away she targets the fit blonde’s feet and ankles. She applies painful locks and holds and also punches and stomps away. Both baes are dressed to fight in leggings and shoes but Amber just isn’t prepared for what Violet Rose has in store for her. It’s a total destruction and the brunette is finished the blond is left crying, unable to stand.

Part 2 finds the blond cheerleader in the BaeFight Arena with her ankle heavily wrapped, clearly from the damage her rival did to it in Part 1. She’s only there for a photo session in a sexy bikini but her brunette tormentor, not happy that Amber is still walking, surprises her and aims to finish the job. Amber tells her to wait until she’s healed but the brunette persists. In her range and anger at seeing Violet Rose, the blond foolishly agrees to get it on right then and there. Her furious attack catches Violet Rose off guard and for a while it’s Amber who exerts payback by going right after the feet and ankle. Soon enough Violet Rose is able to target Amber’s hurt ankle and as the blond is overcome with pain, is able to take control. This is bad news for Amber as Violet Rose is intent on doing bad things to her. But just how far will she take things?

Preview – Part 1

Preview – Part 2

38 Minutes


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