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Violet Rose vs Amber: Leave My Toes Alone

Blond cheerleader Amber is ready to fight Violet Rose. She’s wearing her cheerleader outfit along with sexy thigh high socks. It’s a submission only match and Amber is looking for revenge as Violet Rose has previously injured her ankle. But she’ll have to wait as the brunette sneaks up from behind and sets out at causing more pain. She continues to focus on the blonds shapely legs and feet but also adds in attacks to her toes. Just when it looks to be over, Amber catches the brunette model with a back fist and is able to take over and as she does, she also targets her feet, twisting, pulling, and even biting her toes. Will the blond cheerleader get some revenge on her hated rival or will Violet Rose once again leave Amber unable to walk out of the BaeFight Arena?


20 Minutes


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