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Violet Rose vs Amber: Cheerleader, Model?

Violet Rose is at a modeling event dressed in a shiny two piece body suit. She’s shocked as her hated foe Amber, a cheerleader, enters wearing a tight body suit. The blond tells her she was called because they wanted a “good looking girl.” These two have a wild history and they can’t resist the chance to rip each other apart and so right there, in their sexy outfits, they tear into one another. They punch, stomp, twist, squeeze, scissor, pull hair, choke, smother; anything to destroy the other. When one sexy model is winning, she heaps the humiliating trash talk on the pained bae. In the end, one distraught bae chokes out her submission but that doesn’t stop the victor. As one is laid out cold and the other struts away with one final insult, we wonder if this feud is over or just heating up?


20 Minutes


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