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Vika vs Scarlett: No Bra?

One of our smallest baes, Scarlett is set to fight one of our tallest, Vika. Scarlett is excited to prove herself against the feared Russian and in her eagerness, shows up early. The tall blond is more than happy to get it on but when they pull off their shirts to prepare for the fight, Scarlett is shocked Vika has no bra. The redhead insults her claiming she’d never go topless. Scarlett then attacks and takes control, continuing to insult Vika. Unfortunately for her the bigger bae is able to use her size to her advantage and quickly turn the tables. Vika proceeds to strip the protesting beauty of her bra and simply destroys the humiliated bae. At the end, Scarlett is wracked in pain and no longer cognizant she is topless.


19 Minutes


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