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Vika vs Scarlett: Dangerous Game Episode 9

Due to her good work, particularly in dealing with the “Natalia problem” Scarlett is offered a promotion by Vika. However Scarlett has her ambitious eyes set higher and makes her poser play. She’s not intimidated by the much larger Vika and as they fight, they both know it’ll be the end of one of them and a major place in the Organization for the victor. Dressed in a sexy mini, Vika uses her strength to bully her challenger. But Scarlett is as tough as they come and she takes all the punishment she must while waiting for her opportunity to strike. Will Vika suppress the smaller bae or will Scarlett gain sizable control in the Organization?

This Dangerous Game series features more of a catfighting style. Most of the baes are portraying “regular” baes, with no real fighting or wrestling skill. These fights have a lot of rolling, choking, smothering. Any foreign object found is used. It’s a raw, brutal style with a lot of close, physical contact. You won’t see elaborate wrestling holds. It’s a a struggle and exhaustion is often a factor. Just two normal, unskilled baes fighting for everything.


19  Minutes


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