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Vika vs Natasha: Belly Button Queen

Tall blond Vika is the Belly Button Queen but the sexy assassin Natasha wants to take that crown. The two blonds trash talk one another but it’s the Queen who strikes first, knocking the challenger out as she plays, pokes, and prods her belly button. When she wakes up, Natasha strikes, drilling her finger into Vika’s belly button, KOing her. Natasha enjoys playing with the Queen’s belly button. The two insult one another and their belly button as they struggle to be Queen. Both are KO’d, their tongues hanging out, but eventually it’s clear who is the true Belly Button Queen and who is her Belly Button Bitch. This comes with an Alternate Ending so you can so both lovely blonds win. Warning: there may be some drool and twitching.


21 Minutes


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