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Vika vs Natalia: First Catfight

New bae Princess Natalia had two matches with the tall Russian Vika, both of which she nearly won. After the long shoot the bikini model was frustrated and just as the two were leaving, Natalia challenged Vika to one more fight. Vika was pissed as she was dressed and wanting to leave. In her angered state, the blond decided to teach the young bae a lesson. Foregoing most normal wrestling moves, she goes after the curly-haired bae with catfight tactics. The blond pulls off Natalia’s shirt and attacks her lovely breasts! This was not the long model had anticipated and is hurt and humiliated as her her hair is pulled, her body is stretched, and her boobs are mauled. The young bae is left on the floor in a pile regretting her decision. Vika strolls out, certain that Natalia won’t be calling her back anytime soon. It was an awful introduction to the world of catfighting for the sexy, young model.


Approx Length:  19 Minutes


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