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Vika vs Natalia: Best 2 of 3

What happens when cocky newcomer Natalia challenges the bigger and more experienced Vika to a fight? Luckily for the smaller model, she caught the tall blond on a good day. Vika, realizing that she should totally dominate her sexy opponent, offers to make it a simple 2 out of 3, submissions, pins, and KOs. That way, it’s easy enough for the new bae to avoid taking a real beating as she can simply surrender. However Natalia quickly shows that the tall Russian may have underestimated her and goes right on the attack. Can Vika recover or will this be a huge win for the debutant? Scissors, backbreakers, and full nelsons are just some of the moves used by these bikini-clad beauties.



Approx Length:  20 Minutes


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