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Vika vs Kody Evans: Long Fingers

Vika is mad that Kody had previously not only beaten but also humiliated Paris, even making her swallow a banana. Vika wants to pay her back and tells us she’s going to shove her “long fingers” down her throat. Kody isn’t impressed and vows to do the same to the tall blond. Vika takes no chances and sneaks up from behind, attacking an unsuspecting Kody. Vika applies hold after hold, often using her sexy Converse Chucks to stand on the hurting blond. But despite being attacked and dominated, Kody is finally able to fight back. Now it’s her turn to beat up the bigger blond. Kody uses her Vans to step and stand on Vika before finally pinning her down and shoving her fingers down her throat! But the beating doesn’t end there. Kody totally destroys and humiliates Vika.


19 Minutes


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