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Victoria vs Viviane Oblivion: My Knee

It seems that Victoria and Viviane just don’t like one another. During a sparring session at a kickboxing class, Victoria decided she couldn’t take it anymore and just kicked Viviane in her knee. Though hurt, Viviane challenged Victoria to a fight. The dark beauty was happy to accept and invited her to the BaeFight Arena. The decide on a best 3 out of 5 submission match. Viviane is angry and determined but her knee is hurt and Victoria consistently targets it. Early in the fight, both models lose their tops but battle on wearing only small denim shorts. Will Viviane’s knee hold up and allow her to win her first fight here at BaeFight or will the cruel Victoria be too much for her?  Only a few things are for sure, both baes are sexy and beautiful and both submit to the other before one wins outright. Oh, and in this type of grudge match, you know there’s going to be some pain and humiliation at the end.


23 Minutes


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