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Vanessa vs Molly: Actress Fight


It is hard becoming a famous actress. Some talented women work hard and never get that one big break. Beautiful, young, and talented Molly and Vanessa have struggled but are one step away from that one, career-making role. The only thing in the way is each other. And these two have a history as they’ve been up for the same roles before. This close to the prize, their animosity towards one another boils over and they decide to settle it one on one. Dressed to impress in sexy bikinis, they are each determined to not only win the fight and role, but to punish their sexy foe for past deeds. This is a wild fight as both beauties will do anything to win. Unfortunately neither will give in easily and one poor bae not only has her dreams shattered but also suffers a serious beating.

This film marks the BaeFight debut on both Molly and Vanessa who will become Vicious Vanessa and later Aaliyah! This fight is so hot that no pictures exist of the action.



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