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Vanessa vs Molly: Actress Fight VI


After Molly got her confidence back by destroying Mary, she seeks revenge for the numerous beatdowns she suffered at the hands of the larger Vanessa. As this film opens, we see a smiling Molly and soon discover the cause of her glee, she has Vanessa handcuffed to the bannister. She immediately goes after her with vicious stomps and fingernail rakes over every inch of the crying brunette’s body. The blond eventually releases the cuffs but Vanessa’s ordeal is far from complete. Molly delights in applying all sorts of holds and stretches. Vanessa is a sobbing, begging mess and can offer no resistance-she is at the mercy of the young actress. Molly is in no hurry and is intent on delivering a beating so brutal that Vanessa will leave her alone forever. Only time will tell if this assault will go unanswered.

UPDATE: This is sadly the last in the amazing Actress Fight series. Molly realized that what she had done, the lengths she went to here would be answered in a devastating manor thus, fearing for her safety, she left town.




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