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Tyler Lynn vs Kimmie: Double Booked

After beating Tyler Lynn three times in a row, sexy Kimmie finds herself in the pool with the blond. It seems they both booked the pool. The fashion model clearly doesn’t want anything to do with Kimmie and she repeatedly asks her to leave. Kimmie insists that she isn’t going anywhere and then she grabs the blond and dunks her head a few times. Having no other option but to fight, Tyler Lynn attacks back and we have BaeFight’s first ever pool fight! Both bikini beauties find it difficult to do much other than stomach punch and hold the other underwater. That is until the redhead is able to bend the blond over the rail. The fight becomes rough and wild and Kimmie loses her top. Eventually they end up on the pool deck and one bae must give up her claim to the pool.


17 Minutes


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