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Tylee vs Janine: Mean Enough


Sexy little Tylee Texas has introduced her good friend Janine Jericho to BaeFight. Here she brings her into the fight room to show her around while at the same time warning her about how mean, rough, and brutal some baes here can be. The sexy red head wants her friend to understand just what joining BaeFight means. The voluptuous blond seems confused but then asks Tylee to have a match with her then and there to see what it’s like. Tylee agrees and Janine shifts into another gear and shows her poor friend just how mean she can be. She dominates Tylee, subjecting to various moves and holds all the while taunting the suffering girl, asking, “Am I mean enough?” Janine certainly makes a grand entrance here at BaeFight, serving noting that she will be a force to be reckoned with and that she clearly is Mean Enough.



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