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Scarlett vs Natalia: Dangerous Game Part 7

Natalia awakens in her own bed in her sexy pajamas. Confused, she wonders if the whole thing was just a bad dream. Soon enough reality sets back in as she finds herself facing Scarlett who we learn now works for the Organization and her first job is to deal with “the Natalia problem.” Natalia convinces her to fight it out, a last request that Scarlett is more than happy to grant. The fight is physical an brutal and it rages all over the bedroom and even spills into the bathroom. Both are desperate and fight dirty, gouging eyes and whatever it takes to survive. The fight hangs in the balance but one thing is clear, things will be very different after this.

This Dangerous Game series features more of a catfighting style. Most of the baes are portraying “regular” baes, with no real fighting or wrestling skill. These fights have a lot of rolling, choking, smothering. Any foreign object found is used. It’s a raw, brutal style with a lot of close, physical contact. You won’t see elaborate wrestling holds. It’s a a struggle and exhaustion is often a factor. Just two normal, unskilled baes fighting for everything.


20 Minutes


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