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Rose and Mal vs Piper: Initiation


New Bae Piper knows Rose from their gym and for some reason does not like the sexy fitness queen. When she hears Rose is a fighter here at BaeFight, she calls her out, hoping to join us as well as to settle her score. However it seems Rose does not enjoy being called out. Though she is confident she could beat the larger Latina, she comes up with a devious plan. First she beats the manager at BaeFight, Mal down and forces him to join with her to beat Piper up. Piper arrives looking forward to her fight with Rose but is instead ambushed by both Rose and Mal. What follows is an epic 2 on 1 destruction. Piper screams and cries before the evil duo force her to apologize. Piper learns a painful lesson about calling out the wrong Bae.



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