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Paris vs Viviane: Let’s Get it Done

This film begins with Paris waiting on her opponent. She’s topless with a sexy, tiny leather bikini bottom and she is mad. She’s thinking about her most recent match where she shocking lost to the new bae Tyler Lynn. Paris doesn’t know who she’ll be facing but she knows that she must destroy whoever walks down those stairs. Unfortunately for her, it’s Viviane who unsuspectingly arrives for what she thinks will be a fun match and a nice payday. Those naïve thoughts don’t last long as Paris goes straight at the topless model. The beatdown is on and Paris is at her worst. Viviane isn’t able to put us any resistance as Paris takes her through it using all sorts of moves, various scissors, crabs, Camel Clutches, even a Torture Rack. Once the dark beauty is finally satisfied of the destruction, the humiliation is only beginning as she facesits the beaten bae for some five minutes!


18 Minutes


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