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Paris vs Lora Cross: I Quit, 3 of 3

We’ve waited for this for a long time as we are now finally ready to declare a Champion. We had to find the perfect baes to go at it to decide who will be the First ever Queen of BaeFight. Paris was always a natural pick but who could be a worthy opponent? Enter the amazing Lora Cross. We’d be honored to crown either of these baes as our Champion. They agreed to go at it in a series of no holds barred, I Quit Matches. The first to win two matches will officially become the Queen of BaeFight. Paris has a size advantage but Lora is very strong, technical, and aggressive. This is the third and final match. The winner here will become the Champion! This is as rough as it gets and it quickly becomes clear that one bae has come to win at all costs. The suffering bae tries to hang on, to stage a comeback but eventually she cannot take anymore and must say those two awful words, “I Quit!” The triumphant bae relishes in receiving the coveted Queen of BaeFight belt.


24 Minutes


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