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Paris vs Kody Evans: That One is Me

It’s Kody Evans’ first day at BaeFight and she’s challenged the Queen, Paris. Paris arrives and laughs at the smaller blond, telling her so many baes have thought they would beat her and she’s destroyed them all. She tells Kody that she’ll be added to the list of baes who Paris beat down. Kody is defiant and says she’ll be the one to beat Paris. As expected, Paris takes control, dominating the new bae. The larger bae talks a lot of trash, gives her a history lesson as she punches, stomps, kicks, twits, and stretches the hurting blond. But after a long beatdown, Paris lowers her guars and shocking Kody takes advantage. Unbelievably it is she who ends up dominating Paris! Once Paris spits out a humiliating surrender, Kody takes it a step further and makes Paris kiss her bicep! We rarely see the Queen beaten like this.


18 Minutes


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