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Paris vs Amber: I Beat You

Blond cheerleader Amber is excited for her first meeting with our Champion, Queen Paris Love in a non-title match. The perky blond is confident and says she’ll take the belt one day. Of course the much bigger and experienced Paris scoffs at the petit bae and is taken off guard as Amber goes right at her. Amber stuns Paris with punches and knees to her stomach. Once she has Paris on the floor, she stays on her, not letting the champ recover. Amber is relentless, attacking all of Paris with leg locks, arm bars, kicks, stomps, chokes, even a Camel Clutch. Paris is just able to kick out before being pinned but Amber continues and eventually Paris cries out her surrender! A jubilant Amber celebrates and says Paris is washed up. Even beaten and hurt, Paris won’t take that and attacks the blond. Once she has the advantage, Paris goes about torturing the winning bae, finally pinning her. Though she shocked the BaeFight world by beating the Queen, it is Amber who limps out of the Arena in pain.


19 Minutes


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