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Nicole vs Honey: Official Fight

These two relatively new baes met earlier to agree to this match but they as they really don’t like one another, they fought right then and there. Now, they meet again, for the “normal, official” fight. Unlike the first time when they were in sexy street clothes, now they’re in more standard outfits, sexy bikinis. They get right to it, fighting hard, one bae looking for revenge and the other hoping to continue her impressive run. It’s a wild, back and forth fight with each bae enjoying hurting the other using all sorts of painful holds. In the end, one can take no more and reluctantly, spits our her surrender to her gloating foe. But that doesn’t end the trash talk as the victor taunts the fallen bae and has her admits she’s better. Not only a painful loss but a humiliating one as well.


20 Minutes


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