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Nathalia vs Violet Rose: It’s a KO Match

Since Nathalia invited Violet Rose to the BaeFight Arena for a fight, the petit brunette has joined up and come back for more. As they prepare to meet for a second time, Violet is nursing an injured foot. She’s not concerned as she beat Nathalia the first time and this is a KO match and as such she tells her opponent to leave her ankle alone. Yeah right. Both baes are in tight jeans and bikini tops and as the fight starts, Violet takes the advantage but Nathalia has been here too long to not take advantage of everything. She stomps the injured foot and from there focuses solely on it. Numerous leg and ankle locks and even a Figure 4 are applied. In addition Nathalia stomps, punches, twists, and even bites the sexy brunette’s foot and toes. She is unrelenting until the smaller bae simply cannot take anymore pain and passes out. Nathalia wakes her up and officially welcomes her to BaeFight.


19 Minutes


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