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Natasha vs Raven: The Trainer and the Dress

In her first match at BaeFight Fitness trainer Raven was simply destroyed by her student, the blond model Natasha. This beating shook Raven to her core and she knows she won’t rest easy until she’s exacted revenge. She arrives today dressed for business in Muay Thai shorts. She tells us she’s tricked Natasha here, telling her she has a photo shoot. When the blond arrives in a sexy red dress, Raven pops out and attacks the shocked blond. Raven loves being on top and hurting her hated student, really going crazy on her. But the blond is a tough veteran here and she is able to overcome her brunette trainer and gain the advantage, shocking and angering Raven. But how will it end? Will Raven come back and get her first win or will the blond come out on top despite being surprised and wearing a sexy party dress?

20 Minutes


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