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Natalia vs Nicole: Disgusting Feet

Newbie Nicole has beaten Natalia twice and Natalia realizes she probably can’t beat the fitness model in a fair fight. So why then does she challenge her again? It’s because the bikini model has come up with an ingenious though disgusting plan. She has not washed her feet in days and that’s including a couple trips to the gym. And that’s where she finds Nicole, working out as usual. Nicole wants tougher competition but is tired of Natalia and follows her to the BaeFight Arena. As you’d expect, the stronger Nicole takes control but after some struggle, Natalia manages to put her feet in Nicole’s face. Nicole is nearly debilitated by the stink. Though the fight rages on, Natalia continues to find ways to put her feet in Nicole’s face and each time Nicole is stopped in her tracks. Eventually it’s too much for the brunette beauty to take as she falls prey to the horrifyingly gross plan. Natalia has her victory but will she be made to pay for her disgusting ploy?


23 Minutes


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