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Natalia vs Nicole: Bikinis and Back Pain

The “new” Natalia has decided that she must quickly avenge all losses and thus challenges Nicole who had beaten her pretty badly the week before. For her part, Nicole is still wanting to fight more upper echelon baes, having racked up three fairly easy victories since coming to BaeFight. She’s disappointed to have to fight Natalia gain so she decides to send a message to her by targeting her back. Natalia decides to answer in turn so what we get in this amazing bikini fight is two baes really going after the other’s back. Both lock the other in painful holds and stretches as well as land punches and kicks to the other’s back. Each look on gleefully as the other is hurt on the mat, arching her back in pain. As always at BaeFight, one bae is able to outlast the other and walks away the clear winner as the other writhes in pain, holding her back.


19 Minutes


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