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Natalia vs Kilo: Worst Friends Pt2

They grew up next door and were pretty much forced to be best friends all their lives but now that they’re adults, their true feelings about one another are out. They hate each other. They previously fought and it was rough and filled with venom as the two let out a lifetime of anger. Kilo ended up on top and she delighted in humiliating the smaller bae. Now Natalia has recovered and wants another shot at her former BFF. For her part, Kilo wants nothing more to do with Natalia. She decides to simply destroy her, to beat her so bad that the bikini model will leave her alone forever. The taller brunette shows up with a wrench as well as other weapons. Poor, unsuspecting Natalia had no chance and cries and begs her tormenter. But Kilo is ruthless and leave Natalia a bloody mess. A brutal beatdown.


19 Minutes


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