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Natalia vs Dalvina: He’s Gonna Love These

Sexy bikini models Natalia and Dalvina are scheduled for a match but Dalvina seems to be late. When she finally arrives, a frustrated Natalia is ready to go but the smaller bae is on her phone and ignores her opponent. Finally Natalia tries to grab her phone away only to get a kick to the crotch for her trouble. Dalvina then tells her boyfriend that she’ll have to call him bak because she has “to handle this.” She proceeds to slap various chokes, scissors, and pins on the hurting Natalia, all the while taking selfies and sending them to her boyfriend. Natalia is helpless to stop them and is constantly humiliated until Dalvina becomes way too cocky. Natalia is able to turn the tables and then it’s her turn to send her own pictures to Dalvina’s surprised boyfriend.


17 Minutes


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