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Natalia & Tyler Lynn vs Kimmie: The Bitch is Hurt

Tyler Lynn confronts sexy Kimmie after the redhead beauty had beaten her twice in a row. Kimmie scoffs at her but is soon surprised as she’s grabbed from behind by Natalia. It seems the blond wanted to take no chances in her quest for revenge and hired one of her nemesis to double team the unsuspecting Kimmie. The two rivals enjoy hurting the overmatched bae but then they start to argue amongst themselves. Kimmie is then able to take advantage and proceeds to beat up her two attackers. Soon she allows Natalia to leave and turns her attention on the tall blond. Kimmie simply doesn’t like the fashion model and this now makes it three times in a row she’s destroyed her and left her lying on the floor in pain.


19 Minutes


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