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Nadia vs Kimmie vs Kody: Loser Stays

Three sexy baes meet to wrestle. Kody Evans suggests they have a series of one on one submission matches and that Nadia White and Kimmie Haze should go first. Nadia is a professional wrestler and bigger than the other two and she easily and quickly beats the red head Kimmie. Once Kimmie taps out, Kody quickly announces that the loser keeps going. This allows the blond to attack a hurt and beaten Kimmie. She does put up a good fight but does end up submitting to Kody. Then it’s Nadia again for another beatdown. Kimmie is broken and tries to protest the rule but to no avail as the other two are enjoying beating her down over and over. Eventually the two decide not to wait on one another and just double team the poor red head. Once Kimmie is totally finished and Kody poses triumphantly, Nadia attacks her and breast smothers her out then drags them on top of one another and poses over the beaten baes.


17 Minutes


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