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Molly vs Mary: Confidence


After Molly’s plan to bring in a friend to help her beatup Vanessa backfired, she is more determined than ever to get revenge on the tall brunette but believes she needs to get her confidence back after a series of beatings suffered. She decides to randomly pick a girl at the pool and put the hurting on her. It is Mary who unfortunately shows up at the pool and Molly pounces on the unsuspecting sexy, tatted beauty. After the sneak attack moves inside, Mary realizes she has no choice but to fight back and it is on! They go back and forth for awhile but soon the blond actress takes control and delights in the screams of Mary. Calling her Vanessa throughout the torturous beating, Molly is out of control and then turns her focus to Mary’s feet and spends the last few minutes stomping away at them. At the end, Molly has her confidence back, and is ready for another shot at Vanessa while poor Mary won’t be walking for awhile.



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