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Mia vs Vika: Last Fight

Unfortunately one of our favorite models is moving away. For her last shoot, we asked her who she would like her last fight to be against. She surprised us by saying, “Vika,” a bae she had never fought before. Particularly since Vika is so much bigger. However, Mia tells us she just can’t stand her and she would love nothing more than to destroy the tall blond beauty before she leaves. For her part, Vika readily agrees as she admits having a problem with Mia and is looking forward to sending her off with a devastating loss. As it turns out, Mia was totally right as she simply dominates the shocked, larger bae. It is a brutal beating and surely Vika must be happy that Mia has left town as she won’t want to be reminded of the suffering she endured here.


17 Minutes


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