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Mia vs Rae: Quickest Match Ever

New bae Rae challenges Mia to a 10 count pin match. The newcomer is cocky so it’s shocking when Mia quickly knocks her out and pins her, proclaiming this was the quickest match ever. Upon waking up, Rae demands it to be best 2 or 3. Mia agrees  and one again quickly KOs her. Rae, now awake, somewhat reluctantly asks to make it 3 of 5. No problem say Mia and this time finishes her with a bearhug. Each time, Mia slowly pins a sleeping Rae with a different pin, including a grapevine and a facesit, only to wake her up and apply a different hold. Often Rae’s eyes cross and her tongue comes out as she goes out once again. Mia has a lot of fun playing with her limp body, even carrying her around as well as smothering her with her feet.


22 Minutes


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