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Mia vs Aaliyah: Back in the Ring

28 minutes

Sexy Mia is tired of the vicious Aaliyah trying to hurt her as well as other baes. Aaliyah likes to use dirty tactics and props, often stretching her victims over the bannister or the arm of a couch. Mia decides to settle things in a wrestling ring so there can be nothing used. Just bae on bae. Mia talks about how Aaliyah has tried to really hurt her back and so she plans on doing that to the taller bae. As Aaliyah enters the ring she goes straight for Mia and after having her own back worked on just for a bit, she is able to take control. From there she seems intent on putting Mia out of commission, attacking her back in all sorts of painful ways. If Mia thought this would be a simple fight, she was mistaken as Aaliyah comes up with all sorts of unique ways to use the ring and it’s surroundings to further injure her begging, pleading, and crying foe.


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