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Marsha vs Viviane: Cover Up!

Sexy Marsha is lounging around, topless, enjoying her freedom. Her roommate Viviane comes in and tells Marsha that her boyfriend is coming over and asks if she’ll please cover up. Indignant, Marsha responds that she would but he likes looking at her perky tits. Viviane laughs it off but Marsha continues and insinuates that she may just take the boyfriend from Viviane. Finally Viviane has had enough and attacks, pinning Marsha down and slapping her boobs. Marsha tries to resist, to fight back but Viviane is too strong and too angry. It’s a masterclass of wrestling, slapping, and pinning as Viviane finally smothers out an agreement from the hurting Marsha to put on a shirt. At the end, Viviane pulls her own top off to show the humiliated bae what he really likes, then drops her beauties over the defeated bae’s face.


18 Minutes


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