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Marsha vs Scarlett: Dangerous Game Part 3

Part 3 is much like Part 2 only here it is two smaller baes, Scarlett and Marsha. They awaken and innately realize it’s a fight to the end. One bae seems to understand this better than the others and seems to relish in the fight. But will she prevail and if so, then what?

This Dangerous Game series features more of a catfighting style. Most of the baes are portraying “regular” baes, with no real fighting or wrestling skill. These fights have a lot of rolling, choking, smothering. Any foreign object found is used. It’s a raw, brutal style with a lot of close, physical contact. You won’t see elaborate wrestling holds. It’s a a struggle and exhaustion is often a factor. Just two normal, unskilled baes fighting for everything.


21 Minutes


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